TP Skogstjänst

Forestry is a long-term process and forestry is undergoing constant development. The requirements are changing. New knowledge is being added. Forest stewardship must therefore take a long-term perspective and follow the changing requirements in the world at large. 

TP Skogstjänst helps forestowners to develop forestry operations that are profitable and sustainable. TP Skogstjänst was founded by Thore Pettersson in 2009 and the company is headquartered in Vagnsviksäng, Aneby.

We offer the small company's presence and personality along with great resources in a network of experienced and competent partner. Ease of access and good service are part of our daily work at TP Skogstjänst, so please contact us at:

Phone: +46140 220 20

Cellphone Thore: +4670 539 4062

Cellphone Ludvig: +4670 373 2019

e-mail: thore.pettersson@tpskogstjanst.se

Postaddress:Vagnsviksäng, SE-578 91 Aneby, Sweden